Margaret Hunter
Margaret Hunter is represented by:
Art First, 21 Eastcastle Street, London, W1W 8DD

Her work can also be seen at:
aquabitArt Galerie, Auguststr 35, D-10119 Berlin

The 30th anniversary in 2019 of the Fall of the Berlin Wall is a significant occasion and I am pleased to play a part in it. I feel a strong association with the city and especially the Wall through my painting on the East Side Gallery. When I painted it in 1990 as the Wall was still coming down around me I did not envisage it would become part of a national memorial and be visited by so many people every year.
I am privileged that part of my story is included in the celebrations as a “witness of the time” exhibited at both the East Side Gallery and the Brandenburg Tor. It is also included as one of seven contributions to a book published by the Kulturprojekte Berlin, the organisers of the 30th anniversary celebrations.

Joint Venture (original), 1990 Renovating Joint Ventrue, 2009
Joint Venture, East Side Gallery, Berlin, 1990 Renovating Joint Venture, 2009

More information about my mural painting, Joint Venture, the East Side Gallery and my experiences in Berlin is available from the links at the side of this webpage together with examples of my paintings, drawings, sculptures and exhibitions.